From July 1996 and ongoing through today, the USPS® strategy to improve service and stabilize postage rates has been automation of mail processing relying on USPS CASS Certified postal software.

Offering you …
• USPS CASS Certified software
• DPV® Confirmation
• Address Standardization
• LACSLink® and SuiteLink
• eLOT® and RDI™
Benefits: Address Enhancement Software

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Address Enhancement Software

AES systems believes that return mail is optional and that address data should qualify for USPS® Automated-Mail service and postage discounts from the moment it is acquired. We do not believe that the benefit of mail automation has to be expensive nor difficult to implement. Licensing is simplified by offering a single all-inclusive product.

AES provides an address verification and mailroom support solution that takes maximum advantage of the substantial benefits of the fastest, most reliable and most economical mailing service, USPS Automated-Mail. CASS™ standardized bar-coded, pre-sorted mail qualifies for enhanced USPS mailing services and substantial postage savings.

AES offers an economical all-inclusive address management product including CASS software and presort software that is USPS CASS Certified™ for DPV®, eLOT®, SuiteLink™ , LACSLink® and RDI™ both nationally and for Puerto Rico and has maintained continuous USPS CASS certification since January 1996.

NCOALink® and Move Update Compliance

Beginning November 2008, the USPS provides discounts for First-Class™ and Standard Mail® only if the names and addresses have been processed through an approved Move Update method. The term for this is Move Update Compliance.

NCOALink Instant Service satisfies the Move Update requirement by applying NCOALink updates found in the NCOALink database.

Demand for NCOALink processing caused the creation of a service offering because NCOALink data cannot be distributed in the same way as CASS, DPV, eLOT, SuiteLink, LACSLink and RDI. AES licensing includes an annual credit of 1,000,000 addresses processed by NCOALink software.