Address Enhancement Software was designed to take advantage of USPS® mail automation. Its five components work together to provide a powerful yet economical mailroom management tool for any size business.

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Address Management Presort Mailing Software

Mail automation provides enhanced mailing services and substantial postage discounts. Qualified automation mailings require CASS™ address validation, Move Update Compliance (satisfied by NCOALink® processing), Intelligent Mail® bar-coded mail pieces and presort mail preparation complete with supporting documentation.

EZ24x7PLUS - End-to-end Mailroom Management

EZ24x7PLUS guides you through the mailing process starting with your address file and ending with printed bar-coded mail-pieces in trays or sacks ready to take to the Post Office™. Mail*LIST meets all mail automation requirements generating the Qualification Report, Postage Statement and bar-coded tray and sack labels.

Mail*STAR - CASS Certified™ Address Correction

Batch CASS processing only accepts addresses with the highest address matching reliability. Although USPS® CASS certification requires 98.5% accuracy, AES targets 99.9% batch CASS accuracy. CASS processing requires some address issues not be corrected in batch. Most addresses rejected in batch can be resolved interactively with address lookup.

NCOALink and Move Update Compliance

First-Class™ and Standard Mail® discounts require that names and addresses have been processed through one of the approved Move Update methods. This requirement is known as  Move Update Compliance.

NCOALink Service satisfies the Move Update requirement by applying NCOALink changes found in the NCOALink database.

Annual licensing includes 1,000,000 addresses processed by NCOALink Service.

Mail*SORT - Bulk Mail Presort Software

Bulk mailer presort software provides mail preparation plans based on postal class reporting number of pieces per postage rate directing mailroom preparation of trays or sacks complete with bar-coded tray or sack labels.

Six-Step EZ24x7PLUS Mailroom Management Tour

The menu on the left goes through every step necessary optimizing a mailing list and preparing it for mailing meeting all USPS requirements for bulk mail automation. Implementation pages present mail automation steps in detail.