Address Enhancement Software was designed to take advantage of USPS® mail automation. Its five components work together to provide a powerful yet economical mailroom management tool for any size business.

Address Painter - Postal Address Validation Software: Almost any postal address can be built with ten keystrokes or less complete with Intelligent Mail® barcode.

Address Painter USPS® address validation quickly reduces more than 150 million valid postal addresses to one CASS™ standardized Delivery Point confirmed  address through a process of elimination.

Topics: CASS Standardized - Delivery Point Validation - Postal Address Matching Software

Feature: Powerful minimum key entry phonetic address investigation tool solving the most difficult postal addresses.
Benefits of the address validation software Painter

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Postal Address Painter - Address Validation Software

Return Mail Resolution

Ideally, return mail is resent the day received. Customer contact is avoided when the Address Painter identifies the problem. If customer contact is required, (e.g. moved without a forwarding address), interactive minimal key entry USPS® address matching reduces the transaction cost while providing the highest confidence in the new address.

New USPS Address Acquisition

USPS CASS™/DPV® address validation and delivery point confirmation of first contact address data improves communication while lowering cost. CASS standardized and DPV confirmed addresses eliminate return mail and qualify for automated-mail postage discounts from the moment they are acquired.

USPS Address Database Enhancement

USPS CASS processing provides postal address quality flags and standardized DPV footnotes identifying addresses that although validated are potentially undeliverable. EZ24x7PLUS address list management is tightly integrated with Mail*STAR, Mail*DPV and the Address Painter providing mailing list address enhancement.

Integration with Existing Applications

The Address Painter can be integrated with existing applications using Mail*PASTE providing minimum key entry phonetic address investigation capability with most existing applications. Integration: Address Validation Software

Client/Server Multi-threaded Architecture

The Mail*SERVE server can provide tens of thousands of CASS standardized and DPV confirmed USPS address candidate records per minute supporting thousands of interactive users. Mail*SERVE runs on both Windows and Linux platforms.