Painter Postal ZIP Code Lookup: ZIP Code lookup establishes the last line postal code context for street, high-rise and rural route.

Topics: ZIP Code Lookup - Postal Code - Delivery Point Validation

Tour: Address standardization starting with ZIP Code implicitly sets the city and state-code.












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Postal ZIP Code™ Lookup - CASS DPV®

If the ZIP Code is known, city and state-code can be bypassed going directly to postal ZIP Code lookup. ZIP Code lookup implicitly sets the city and state-code establishing the last line postal code context for street, high-rise and rural route and provides CASS Delivery Point Validation of PO BOX addresses.

Postal Code Lookup

The ZIP Code lookup image below is the result of entering "36109" in the ZIP Code lookup clue field. The city/state-code, "MONTGOMERY AL" was established implicitly and the field cursor automatically moved into the PO BOX clue field.


PO BOX Delivery Point Confirmation

The message line guides the user to a single CASS standardized DPV confirmed PO BOX address. The user can either enter a PO BOX number or ‹click› any open address type tab for street, building or rural route. Address type tabs are closed when the postal code context indicates that service does not exist for that address type.

If the city or ZIP Code has PO BOX service, a PO BOX number field is provided for creation of USPS® Intelligent Mail® bar-coded CASS standardized and delivery point confirmed PO BOX addresses.

The ZIP Code does not have to be specified to create and validate PO BOX's or to advance to other address element tabs. In practice, it is advisable to set city/state context leaving the ZIP Code blank because the input ZIP Code could be wrong.

ZIP Code Lookup Data Window

The postal ZIP Code window lists every ZIP Code in the established city followed by USPS delivery service columns for GENERAL DELIVERY, PO BOX, street, high-rise and rural route. Columns marked with an ‘X’ indicate which USPS delivery services are provided for the ZIP Code. A sixth delivery service column exists for Puerto Rico urbanizations and is only used when the state-code is set to "PR".

If the ZIP Code has PO BOX service, absolute ZIP+4™ PO BOX ranges are shown. Although uncommon, a ZIP Code can have alphanumeric PO BOX numbers. The ZIP Code "36109" has a red 'X' after the integer PO BOX range indicating that the ZIP Code does have alphanumeric PO BOX numbers.


ZIP Code Lookup Context

If the established city is a postal city, ZIP Code candidates are limited to the postal city's ZIP Code list. When the established city is a non-postal city, the ZIP Code list includes every ZIP Code that the USPS publishes for the non-postal city.

PO BOX ZIP+4 Range Window

There is a USPS postal ZIP+4 range window showing all PO BOX ranges for any ZIP Code that has PO BOX delivery service. ‹Right-click› on the ZIP Code row opens the PO BOX range window. Postal ZIP+4 range windows also exist for street, high-rise and rural route data windows found in later pages.