Postal Urbanization Lookup: Only when state-code context is "PR" (Puerto Rico) does an urbanization lookup window appear.

Most Puerto Rican street addresses are incomplete without urbanization distinguishing the address from similar addresses in the same ZIP Code™.

Topic: Puerto Rico Urbanization

Explanation: Understanding why Puerto Rican urbanizations are necessary for reliable postal delivery service.

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Why Puerto Rican Urbanizations?

Most Puerto Rican street addresses are ambiguous without urbanization. For example, the USPS®  ZIP Code™ "00956" has 13 streets named "CALLE 1" and four houses with door number “A1” having the same delivery line "A1 CALLE 1" in “BAYAMON PR 00956”. Puerto Rican urbanization is necessary to distinguish between these four addresses.

Puerto Rico Urbanization Lookup

This example has street address lookup context of every ZIP Code in "BAYAMON PR". The urbanization clue is "RAFAEL". The window shows five USPS Puerto Rican urbanizations with “RAFAEL” in the name.


Puerto Rico Urbanization Window

Only when state-code context is "PR" (Puerto Rico) does an urbanization lookup window appear. The Puerto Rico urbanization lookup window lists urbanization names, USPS ZIP Code and Puerto Rico postal city name. The ‘X’ in the “Streets” column indicates that the Puerto Rican urbanization actually has street addresses.

USPS AIS data contains Puerto Rico urbanizations that do not have any street address references. If the user selects the first USPS Puerto Rico urbanization without street addresses, subsequent tabs will be marked with an ‘X’ indicating there are no candidates conforming to the clue.

If the user selects one of the USPS Puerto Rican urbanizations and goes to the street tab, only streets in the selected urbanization will be considered. If the user selects the street tab without selecting any of the USPS urbanizations, only streets in the list of USPS Puerto Rico urbanizations are listed.

Puerto Rico Urbanization Lookup Context

If a USPS ZIP Code is specified, urbanization candidates are limited to the single postal ZIP Code. Otherwise, the scope of the search is all USPS ZIP™ codes in the Puerto Rico postal city.

Puerto Rico Urbanization Lookup Name Clue

The Puerto Rico urbanization lookup clue field is live meaning that every new character entered updates the Puerto Rico urbanization candidate list.

Puerto Rico Urbanization Lookup Notes

Puerto Rican urbanizations almost always begin with an urbanization prefix which may be incorrect. It is usually best if the Puerto Rico urbanization clue starts with the name and not the prefix, which avoids missing the target urbanization.

Puerto Rican urbanizations have no relationship with PO BOX or rural route postal address types. The USPS almost never reports a building address in Puerto Rico urbanizations.

If the Puerto Rican street has a name, it is usually quicker to skip the urbanization and go directly to the street clue. If there are too many streets that match, the criterion can be refined by returning to the urbanization tab

If the Puerto Rican street is a number or single letter and an input Puerto Rico urbanization clue exists, it is almost always better to begin with the urbanization tab.