Mail*DPV address confirmation software is a giant step forward in the defense against undeliverable return mail.

Incorporating DPV® delivery point confirmation into the address matching process assures that addresses are actually known USPS® delivery points.

Topics: Delivery Point Confirmation Software - Address Validation Software - CASS™ /DPV Server, Integration and API.

Rationale: CASS standardization and delivery point confirmation eliminate undeliverable return mail.
Benefits of delivery point dpv address software

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DPV® Software: Delivery Point Confirmation

The DPV process determines if the CASS™ processed address is identified as a Postal Service™ delivery point and detects vacancies and other addressing issues that may hinder delivery.

USPS® Delivery Points are single locations where mail is delivered. The U.S. Postal Service® currently delivers to more than 150 million locations. USPS CASS address validation is limited to verifying that an address is in a valid ZIP+4™ range. The DPV process identifies if the address is a known USPS delivery point. For example:

702 W OAK ST

While 702 is CASS matched to the ZIP+4 range of 700-798, it does not DPV confirm. Doors 700 and 704 exist but 702 does not. Identifying undeliverable addresses reduces return mail saving processing and postage costs.

Mail*STAR: CASS Certified™ Address Validation Software

Mail*STAR CASS address validation includes DPV delivery point confirmation. When multiple CASS candidate records exist, DPV results can be used as a tiebreaker.

EZ24x7Plus: Address Management Software

EZ24x7Plus delivery point confirmation of CASS processed address lists identifies and classifies address problems so that anomalies can be corrected before they cause return mail.

Mail*SERVE: Address Server and Integration API

Mail*SERVE provides CASS standardization and delivery point confirmation service to existing applications assuring deliverability of new address data before being committed to your database.