USPS® Mail Automation:
AES suggests a simple three-step implementation plan for USPS mail automation starting with a 50% reduction of return mail while preparing a transition plan that includes return mail defenses, initial CASS™ standardization and DPV® delivery point confirmation.

Topics:  Mail Automation - Return Mail - Move Update Compliance

Rationale: Three-step conversion to enhanced USPS automated-mail reliability plus significant postage savings.

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The graph illustrates the benefit of starting mail automation by setting up return mail defenses first. The assumption is that a small percentage of addresses will be broken. Address enhancement minimizes the number of broken addresses while return mail defenses prepare for and mitigate the impact.

Benefits of implementing a mail automation software


Step One
Return Mail Defense - New & Change Address Verification

Establishing address quality assurance can reduce return mail by 50% in 30 days. The graph illustrates a hypothetical case where the USPS® mail automation process begins with 2% return mail reducing it by 50%.

Step Two
Initial CASS Validation and Delivery Point Confirmation

Transition to USPS mail automation requires CASS processing of the address database as well as bulk mail presort preparation. The graph illustrates the hypothetical case where the return mail has increased to 1.2% after validation. The increase represents the inevitable error during initial CASS standardization minimized by address enhancement.

Step Three
Address Maintenance and Move Update Compliance

Customer addresses are synchronized to current USPS AIS and DPV® data by applying bimonthly updates. The USPS publishes AIS and DPV data monthly providing the updates to AES. Updates are compiled and tested using the latest CASS Stage tests verifying the quality of the update before shipping.

Move Update Compliance

About 80% of undelivered mail is caused by address changes. Billions of dollars are wasted keeping up with new addresses. NCOALink® service maximizes deliverability and minimizes cost applying NCOALink service. AES licensing includes an annual credit of 1,000,000 addresses processed by EZ24x7 NCOALink software.