Address Matching during data-entry: Detecting addressing problems after mail is produced is costly. Integration provides address verification during data-entry.

Topics: USPS® CASS™ Software - DPV® Delivery Point Confirmation Software - Address Matching API

Rationale:  When delivery failure is not an option, CASS process and DPV confirm addresses as they are acquired.
Benefits of CASS DPV address verification solution

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USPS® CASSAddress Matching Software

Applications protect data integrity validating fields during data entry. Similarly, validating addresses during data entry protects address data integrity reducing return mail and lowering mail costs. Mail*SERVE provides address matching complete with USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode before committing addresses to the database.

  • Open System Integration:
    Address Matching API – USPS CASS Software
    Mail*SERVE CASS and DPV® processing are integrated with applications using TCP/IP sockets. The CASS/DPV address server listens for requests responding with CASS standardized, delivery point confirmed and bar-coded addresses. The client application commits reliable USPS addresses to the database.
  • Closed System Integration:
    Closed Source Address Matching – USPS CASS Software
    Mail*PASTE provides address verification to Windows applications using two configuration keys that identify the target application and specify navigation instructions.  Mail*STAR emulates keyboard and mouse input reliably pasting CASS/DPV processed addresses into the target application.

Benefit -CASS Validation and DPV Confirmation

Implementing postal address verification as part of data-entry is an effective defense against undeliverable return mail. CASS standardization and DPV delivery point confirmation of new addresses qualifies for Automated-Mail postage discounts and enhanced mailing service from the very first mailing.

Mail*SERVE - CASS DPV® Delivery Point Confirmation

The multi-threaded Mail*SERVE Windows or Linux server is capable of processing 50,000 or more addresses per minute in batch or interactively to thousands of clients concurrently. The TCP/IP socket interface is ideal for LAN, WAN and WEB service integration.