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AES systems Legal Notice

AES systems is USPS® CASS Certified for ZIP+4, carrier route, 5-digit Zip Code, LACSLink®, SuiteLink™, eLOT®, DPV® and RDI™ both nationally and for Puerto Rico for Linux and Windows.

AES systems is a non-exclusive NCOALink® Limited Service Provider Licensee, RDI™ Licensee, LACSLink® Licensee, SuiteLink™ Licensee and DPV® Licensee of the United States Postal Service®.

Prices for AES systems products and services are not established, controlled or approved by the United States Postal Service®.

Registration and Trademarks Owned by the USPS®


DPV®, DMM®, eLOT®, First-Class Mail®, Intelligent Mail®, LACSLink®, NCOALink®, Standard Mail®, The Postal Service®, U.S. Postal Service®, United States Post Office®, United States Postal Service®, USPS®.


CASS™, CASS Certified™, Certified Mail™, Delivery Confirmation™, First-Class™, PAVE™, P.O. Box™, POSTNET™, Post Office™, Postal Service™, RDI™, RIBBS™, SuiteLink™, ZIP™, ZIP Code™, ZIP+4™.

This list is not exhaustive of the trademarks belonging to The Postal Service®.