USPS® CASS Certified™ software: Address verification software is your first defense against return mail. Use of complete and correct addresses results in substantial postage discounts while eliminating return mail.

Address verification software and delivery point confirmation assure postal delivery and qualifies for the fastest and most economical mailing service, USPS Automated-Mail.

Topics: CASS Certified Address Verification Software - NCOALink® Move Update Compliance - eLOT®, SuiteLink™, LACSLink®

Overview: Mail*STAR has been USPS CASS Certified since 1996. Mail*STAR is USPS CASS Certified for DPV®, eLOT, SuiteLink, LACSLink® and RDI™ both nationally and for Puerto Rico.
Benefits: USPS CASS certification software

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USPS® CASS Certified™ Address Verification Software

Mail*STAR address verification software validates individual addresses or entire address lists. Mail*STAR address correction provides CASS™ standardized, delivery point confirmed, Intelligent Mail® barcoded addresses that qualify for USPS automation discounts and enhanced service.

USPS CASS Certification

CASS standardization is the process of address matching and address verification against current USPS postal address data. USPS CASS verification software is subject to strict USPS standards where compliance must be demonstrated through annual CASS certification. Mail*STAR has been USPS CASS Certified™ since January 1996.

Address Verification Options

Mail*STAR CASS Certified software includes eLOT®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ address enhancement options at no extra charge.

  • eLOT: The eLOT product provides mailers the ability to sort mailings in approximate delivery sequence order.

    Required for Enhanced Carrier Route Sortation

  • LACSLink: The LACSLink process converts rural and irrational addresses to locatable city-style addresses for emergency services. LACSLink also converts renamed and renumbered addresses.
  • SuiteLink: The SuiteLink process enhances business addresses adding unit designators and numbers to business addresses matched to high-rise default records as a result of CASS processing.

Mail*STAR Delivery Point Confirmation

The DPV® confirmation determines if the CASS processed address is identified as a Postal Service™ delivery point and detects vacancies and other addressing issues that may hinder delivery.

NCOALink®  and Move Update Compliance

Beginning November 2008, the USPS provides discounts for First-Class™ or Standard Mail® only if the names and addresses have been processed using one of the approved Move Update methods. The term for this is Move Update Compliance.

NCOALink Instant Service maximizes deliverability and minimizes cost by applying NCOALink changes found in the NCOALink database. AES licensing includes an annual credit of 1,000,000 addresses processed by NCOALink Instant Services.